An experienced CyberSecurity Consultant and Solutions Architect with strong IT skills in solution design. Working in the finance, government, telco, retail and aviation industries.

Security specialisation in IBM Security, QRadar and Trend Micro Deep Discovery – with specific skills in SIEM, Security Intelligence and Threat Protection.

Experience of working across different regions including: Europe, Middle East, South Asia, Africa and Australia.

35+ Years martial arts experience. In 1985 at the age of 11 I started shotōkan karate. I achieved shodan in 1993.  I graduated two years later in 1995 from Luton University with honours (BSc Hons) degree in Computer Science Bachelor of Science.

I was honoured to take both my sandan in 2006 and yondan in 2009 with Hirokazu Kanazawa Sensei.

The Yamakai Karate Dojo was established in 2002 for my personal training and development and started to attract a small but loyal following of like-minded karateka.

I am currently based in the Middle East and have been since 2015.  The Yamakai dojo was left in the capable hands of its members and Simon Oliver Sensei.

Steve Marriott Karate & CyberSecurity